Custom Chandeliers
We can create custom chandeliers that are sized to fit your room.  We can
also create customized designs and themes in your chandelier.  

Below we have provided a number of examples of custom chandeliers that
we have made in the past.

To order a custom chandelier, please email us or call us at 706-398-0858
with your interest and we will work with you to create a truly unique piece.
Iron Age Crafters
Silhouettes in Light
This chandelier was a design taken
from an 18th century English ironstone
platter. The Brownings wanted to
repeat the patterns of their porcelain
collection in their lighting.
The golden retrievers and duck
patterns in this chandelier are custom
lighting for the den of dog breeders.
We have made several large horse
chandeliers. The one at left is 36"
diameter and hangs in a log house in
This is a 24" diameter version.

We also did a pair of 36" walking
horse chandeliers for a horse farm in
South Carolina.
The ultimate Farm chandelier, this one
features poultry on the top section
and larger farm animals on the bottom
This 36" diameter chandelier
features several moose, other
wildlife, plus the Beebe's King
Charles spaniel.
24" diameter turkey chandelier in
Asheville, N.C. mountain home.
The two 30" diameter chandeliers below hang from the ceiling of a quail
plantation hunting lodge in South Georgia. The Legend of the Big Canoe
chandelier on the left has a south Georgia motif, with possums,
alligators, catfish, and a pine cone base.
Pendant lights are available in all the
designs shown in the sconce section.
10" diameter is standard, but they can
be made in any size.
This version of the Cat and Mouse
Chandelier is 24" in diameter.
The above pool table light has three
spot lights at the base. This
construction is good for over-counter
lighting as well.