Custom Fire Screens
Each Iron Age Crafters fire screen is custom made to fit the opening of fire a
place. The fire screen is composed of a 1" X 1" steel tubular frame and an
original laser cut iron silhouette. The silhouette design can be one  shown in
the samples (and modified to fit the frame), or can be a customized theme of
your choosing.

Fire screens are powder coated;  a variety of colors including black, copper,
and pewter is available.

All fire screens can be made with woven wire sandwiched between the
tubular frame and a back frame. They can also be made without woven wire
for gas logs.

Free-Standing Screens
Fire screens can be made to stand alone in front of the  fire place opening.  
This method is simple, but requires that the screen be moved to the side
when the fire is tended. Handles can be mounted on top or on the side of the

Hinged Screens
Fire screens can also be made to hinge on four pins mounted in the grout of
the brick or stone surrounding the opening. Tending the fire is much more
convenient. The down side is that the cost is approximately double that of a
free standing screen and the mounting requires careful coordination between
us and you or the builder.

Free-standing Hinged Screens
We can build a free-standing frame that has hinged doors attached. This
eliminates the necessity of pins in the mortar of the face of the fire place, but
gives the ease of fire tending. The down side is that the feet project almost a
foot onto the hearth to stabilize the screen.

Fire Place Inserts
If you like the silhouette look in front of the fire, but don't want a complete
fire screen, an insert may be the simple and least costly option. These  
inserts are 36" wide and act as designer log guards to the front of your fire.

To order a custom fire screen, please email us or call us at 706-398-0858
with your interest and we will work with you to create a truly unique piece.
Iron Age Crafters
Silhouettes in Light
Fire fender for home on Pacific coast line.
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