Custom Gates
We can create custom gates that beautifully accent your garden, barn or
home.  We can also create custom designs and themes on your gates.  

Below we have provided a number of examples of custom gates that we
have made in the past.

To order a custom gate, please email us or call us at 706-398-0858 with
your interest and we will work with you to create a truly unique piece.
One of three custom gates we made for the entrance
of a converted pants manufacturing factory  in Rome,
GA. This building, a turn of the century brick
structure, is now a fabulous residence, retail
shopping space, and office building. We used
photographs of the workers, circa 1905, who were
cutting, sewing and boxing pants, to create the
entrance to the building.
This renovation was featured nationally on Home and
Garden TV as well as in several newspapers.
Egret Nesting Gate
Cows Gate
White Tail Deer Gate
Heron Garden Gate
Gate for a Chicken Coop
Vegetable Garden Gate to Exclude Deer
Gates, Camp Juliette Low, First Girl Scout
Camp in the US, Cloudland, Ga.
We designed these gates to depict the girls at
camp activities: sweeping tents, singing at a
campfire, riding horses shooting bows and
arrows, sailing and canoeing. A labor of love,
we donated our design to CJL.
Iron Age Crafters
Silhouettes in Light
Spider Gate -Note three dimensional
spider attached to web.
Farm gate in Gainesville, Georgia depicts all the critters that live behind the fence"
chickens, pig, geese, mare and colt, and cows with calves.
Entrance gate for Timpson Creek Galleries.